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"Widow's Paradise".  Rosemary Drama Group.  11-14th JULY

Four Women, all 'widows' of one sort or another arrive at a caravan for a girls' weekend. Comic chaos ensues when they realize that they are in the wrong caravan......


" Pull The Other One". The Country Players. 25-28th JULY

The Country Players have centered this Norman Robbins farce around the modest Ballymena home of Albert Perkins and his loving wife, Muriel.  Albert’s overbearing

mother-in-law, Mrs. Boadieca Heppinstall is a frequent, if not always welcome, visitor.  Boadicea “accidentally” steams open a letter sent to her keen bell-ringer and

fisherman son-in-law, Albert. She takes delight in telling her daughter, Muriel that the letter is from Albert’s fragrant fancy woman Hilary Armitage who will be arriving soon.

Mrs. Heppinstall vows to protect heart-broken Muriel from wayward husband Albert and “the other woman” but does not reckon on the intervention of hapless Albert’s

neighbour, Wilf Perkins and the accidental meeting with ambitious local artist, Virginia Brown. Rev. Elijah Nookey also has news to share that will upset Boadicea’s plans.

This is an action-packed comedy and the Country Players, Ballymena want the audience to enjoy every minute!


"Kindly Keep It Covered". The Clarence Players. 8-11th AUGUST

Roland Dickerby runs a health spa with his wife Julia, bought with the proceeds of a hefty insurance pay-out on the demise of Julia's first husband, Sidney.  Life isn't easy

for Roland and today Fate has something extra special in store for him: Sidney has decided to resurrect himself and turns up at the spa, just as Vanessa, the wife of Roland's

ex-boss from the Kindly Mutual, checks in for a visit!


" Fool's Paradise". The Bart Players. 15-18th AUGUST

With mistakes, confusions and crazy schemes, Fool's Paradise is a carefree comedy romp that'll have audiences laughing heartily. Jane and Catherine have an antique

cluttered house, unpaid bills, and a memory of marriage to the same man, now deceased. His will states they can live in the house if they don't sell its contents.

A wily antique dealer tricks them into accepting a payment on emeralds they believe to be worthless. Everything they do to rectify matters lands them in deeper water.

Soon several people are bidding furiously for the emeralds. With mounting illegalities, the ladies come up with a plan to get them out of the mess involving an aged,

doddering maid and a fake third wife.


" Strictly For The Birds". Lambeg Players. 22-25th AUGUST

Set in 1960s Belfast, Herbie and Muriel Glover are having a trying time in their household. With neighbour Lily Dodds set to win big money on the horses, some posh

but unwelcome relatives, a daughter whose boyfriend takes her out on his motorbike, an amorous “tick man” and a very unusual “arty” type, they are in for a week of

mayhem and farce. Amidst all that, Herbie is trying to get his pigeons in from an important race without much success! Another of Sam Cree’s hilarious classics, this

play provides slapstick and a belly laugh every few seconds.