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Brum Henderson Trust

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adapted by Sam McCready from the Holocaust memoir by Helen Lewis
A Solo performance by
The Theatre at The Mill, Mossley
Sunday 18th April 2010 at 5.00pm
A Time To Speak is a remarkable story of endurance during the Holocaust. Helen Lewis, a dancer in Prague at the beginning of World War 2, was interned in the Terezin ghetto, then deported to Auschwitz, and finally to Stuttof Labour Camp on the edge of the Baltic Sea. After the war she settled in Belfast and became active with the Lyric Theatre. Later she formed the Belfast Modern Dance Group, the first modern dance company in Ireland.
Her struggle to survive amidst the carnage of Hitler's Final Solution is told with wit and a controlled anger, which never displays itself in rancor or censure. Helen died on New Year's Eve 2009 and so this presentation acts as a fitting tribute to an extraordinary survivor.

Helen's memoir A Time To Speak, published in 1992, was decribed as a tribute to the unquenchable human spirit of a most remarkable lady who endured the unendurable.

Joan McCready, who made such a deep impression with Ulster patrons when she played Lady Gregory in Coole Lady, brings her dep sensitivity and powerful emotional range to this extraordinary testimony.

A Time To Speak has been adapted and directed by Northern Ireland native, Sam McCready, internationally respected actor, director, and writer.

"The 2009 Belfast Festival's most poignant event was arguably Joan McCready's one-woman show, A Time To Speak, based on dancer Helen Lewis's remarkable Holocaust memoir" - Jan Coyle, Irish Times

The performance both moving and inspiring, is prersented by the Brum Henderson Trust in association with the Association of Ulster Drama Festivals whose Ulster Drama Festival commences the following night under the adjudication of Sam McCready.

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