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Simon Callow in Conversation
Lyric Theatre Snday 1st May 2005

When Simon Callow arrived at Queens University Belfast at the age of 18 almost his first port of call was the Dramatic Society Hut. Already inclined to the theatre, his time at Queens confirmed him in the view that his future lay on the stage and so he departed after a year to start on a journey which would take him to the position of being one of our finest and most respected actors on stage and screen. His rich voice and jovial laughter have graced many productions over the past thiry years.

His stage successes have included the title role in the original production of Amadeus and his solo performance in The Mystery of Charles Dickens. His numerous appearances have included the film version of Amadeus, Four Weddings and A Funeral, Shakespeare in Love, Howards End (and various other Merchant-Ivory productions) and recently The Phantom Of The Opera. On television his appearances have been legion, recent works include Marple and Doctor Who (where he reprised his Dickens character).
Simon has directed for stage and screen and television. In addition, he is a prolific author whose memoir "Being An Actor" was described by Sir Ian McKellan as the most honest book ever written about us all. His other writings include studies of Orston Wells and Charles Laughton and (not surprisingly) Dickens Christmas.
In 1999 he was awarded a CBE
When Simon played Charles Dickens on Broadway descriptions from critics included a fireball of energy with superior diction and a Brit of inexhaustible enthusiasm. Such enthusiasm is both entertaining and infectious and since his student days it has included the Ulster Theatre. Simon is delighted to be back in Belfast to share his experience and vision.