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Brum Henderson Trust

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A few years before his death Brum Henderson expressed the desire to do something to benefit the amateur theatre movement in general and the Association of Ulster Drama Festivals in particular. In consultation with Brum it was decided that the Trust to be established should endeavour to do things which AUDF, by its very nature,would not be doing, but which would be complimentary to the activities
of AUDF.
The terms of the trust enable it to present talks, workshops, performances and similar events.
The trustees are themselves drawn from a cross-section representing AUDF (through former office-bearers) as well as the media and business. There will always be a majority with direct
AUDF connections.
Current trustees are Kenneth Irvine (Chairman), Maurice Kane (Treasurer),  Beth Duffin (Secretary)
Eileen Mooney and Anne Hailes.
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